Using Triple Barrel Wavers

Using Triple Barrel Wavers

Triple barrel wavers, or irons, are unique curling tools utilized to make waves in the hair. Depending upon the size of the barrel and styling method chosen, it is possible to use it to accomplish various wave styles, from a beachy, loose appearance to a retro, tighter crimp. Read below for the best method of choosing and using triple barrel wavers.

Selecting the Proper Tool

Choose the proper size of barrel. The barrel size on the waver is going to determine the kind of style it’s possible to create with it. The initial part of picking the correct tool is finding out the appearance you are going for then selecting a barrel size appropriate for the results you desire.

Do you wish for those beachy, loose waves? Or perhaps you want to accomplish a more natural appearance? Large/medium barrels measuring from 1” – 2” are better for creating free-flowing, loose waves.

Do you have a desire to achieve an Old Hollywood, retro appearance with tighter finger waves? Or perhaps you wish to create that all-over crimped appearance? A smaller barrel that measures 3/8 – ½” or less in size is your best choice for getting a vintage look.

Select the proper barrel material. Heat styling devices such as triple barrel wavers are available in various materials. Picking the proper one for your hair is critical to achieving the appearance you desire without having to damage your locks. Click here to learn more about deep wavers at

Heat tools designed from ceramic are better for fine to medium locks. Search for tools which are 100 percent ceramic instead of those that have a ceramic coating, which might chip over a period of time.

Titanium tools offer intense heat and are better for styling hair that is coarse.

Tourmaline tools may assist in reducing frizz and static. Usually, tourmaline is layered on top of titanium or ceramic, so select the base material according to the type of hair.

Search for several heat settings. Some tools for styling provide only a single heat setting, leading to damage if it is too hot for the hair.

Search for a tool that has an array of temperatures or a low, medium, or high setting.

Low settings or temperatures ought to be used for thin, fine hair.

Medium to high settings or temperatures are needed to style coarse or thick hair.

Prepping the Hair

If possible, wash hair the evening before. Try to wash your hair the night or day before styling it rather than washing it the exact same day.

Begin with dry hair. Wet hair can be weak hair. Attempting to style damp hair may cause damage or breakage.

Styling the Hair

Section your hair off. It is best to add waves to the hair a section at a time, and move from one side of your head to the other side.

Pull the upper part of the hair up then secure it using a ponytail holder or large clip.

Gather a 1” hair section on one side of the head then move the remainder of the hair out of the way. Securing hair that you are not presently styling using a large clip is going to aid in keeping the hair you are working on separated from the rest of the hair.

Make waves! With the barrel’s hot part on the lower part, clamp your triple barrel waver down on the top of the 1” part you are working on.

If you are attempting to create a beachy, looser appearing wave, begin further away from the hair roots.

If you are attempting to make vintage waves, begin as near to the roots as possible.

Hold your waver down for 4 to 5 seconds. Make the initial wave by clamping your waver down at the starting point then holding for a couple of seconds.

Do not hold your waver in a single place too long; if you are working with your hair’s proper heat setting, 4 – 5 seconds will do.

Continue moving on down the 1” hair section. The secret to making a single long continuous wave includes lining up the first waver barrel with the last indention made in the hair.

Move around then up. Working from a side of the head to another, continuously section out 1” hair portions. Repeat until the lower part of the hair is completed then move to the upper part.

Pull all styled hair out of the way and over the shoulder. Do not utilize a ponytail holder to tie back the hair you already have styled or you will be left with an indent or crimp in the hair.

After you have completed the lower part, un-clip the upper part of the hair then continue on in the exact same way as before.

Finish your look. As you have styled all your hair, lightly spray it using hairspray to set your look in place.