The Benefits of Eating Greek Yogurt

Eating Greek yogurt is a slimmer way to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings. But there are more benefits to eating Greek yogurt than just keeping the weight down. Not only is it packed with nutrients to promote weight loss, but it holds many other nutrients to keep your body and health in tip top shape.

It all begins in the way Greek yogurt is made. The liquid is separated from the whey, to produce thicker yogurt with less sugar and carbohydrates. What’s more, the yogurt is able to retain extra protein than regular yogurts.

One of the essential needs for our diets is protein; to strengthen our muscles, repair tissue damage, and grow new cells. Protein will also keep your skin looking healthy, and what’s more, it will help ward off any common illnesses. It is suggested to add Greek yogurt to your daily breakfast, as it will help increase your daily need of protein.

Probiotics are tiny microorganisms that dwell within your intestines, which help regulate bowel movements. Some foods we eat have bad bacteria which kill off the good bacteria, causing many gut related issues. This is why doctors and dieticians suggest taking probiotic capsules. Greek yogurt is cram packed with probiotics and will aid in a healthy gut if it is part of your daily diet. It is a lot cheaper, too.

To keep our brains healthy, we need to do brain-related activities and have a source of vitamin B12. We get most of our B12 from meat, but Greek yogurt is another alternative. This is good news for vegetarians!

Too much sodium in the diet can cause a number of health issues. Potassium reduces the sodium and keeps it at a healthy balance. Because Greek yogurt not only has a high content of potassium, it has a low content of sodium. This just proves another reason why it should be in our diet.

Not everyone is into intense workouts, but even with a walk around the store, a hard day at work, the need to supplement the calories we have burnt off becomes pretty intense. Often than not, we reach for the candy bar, or the bag of chips because of the convenience. Next time you feel the need to snack to replenish your energy, grab some Greek yogurt. It will actually benefit you better than the candy bar because of the protein that is needed to repair muscles and replenish energy.

Iodine helps with your metabolism, a higher metabolism helps with weight loss. It makes sense to eat foods with a lot of iodine in it. Yes, you have guessed it; Greek yogurt is packed full of iodine.

Calcium is found in all yogurts, and Greek yogurt is no different. Calcium helps keep teeth and bones healthy and strong. But that’s not all. Calcium is another essential key to weight loss. The hormone cortisol tells our bodies to store fat. Calcium helps to keep this hormone in check, to make sure it stores only the sufficient amount needed, thus helping with your overall weight.

Greek yoghurt isn’t always the most popular choice when it comes to yoghurts. Many describe it having a slimy consistency, or too thick and unpalatable. But there are many ways to eat Greek yoghurt other than straight out of the pot. Recipes can be found online that make eating Greek yoghurt desirable. Check out Cooking with Noah for a great recipe that you will sure to want to eat for breakfast, or as a snack. You will see Greek yoghurt in a whole new light, and your body will thank you for it.