Legos Are So Much More Than Toys

Legos Are So Much More Than Toys

In today’s world, toys have grown to become more than just some plastic thing on a child’s bedroom floor, some toys carry the weight for an entire brand or company. Some toys have the sustainability to transcend from being a toy to being a part of the world’s popular culture. These companies create a brand and a mission based on the success of their flagship item that stems more exposure for their product.

One of these successful toy brands is the Lego company. This company started with wooden toys in post WWII Denmark and now they are an international powerhouse with movies, toys, and theme parks based on Legos. After creating a legacy that spanned more than 75 years full of loyal Lego fans, Lego created a brand that is now a multi-million dollar a year business with their fingers in lots of different mediums.

Movies, TV, and Video Games

One of the best ways to reach a bigger consumer group is to produce material that can be enjoyed by people, regardless of who they are and where they come from. Lego accomplished this when they expanded into movies, video games, and television.

The video games began in 1997. These video games were available to play on multiple devices, like for personal computers and various gaming systems. Some of the successful games they created are “Lego: Indiana Jones,” “Lego: Batman,” and “Lego: Marvel Super Heroes.” These titles are enjoyed by kids all across the world.

Movies and television is one of the places that has made the Lego company incredibly successful. They did create a few different TV series’, but they were not as popular as the movies. The first Lego movie was release as a straight to DVD title in 2010 called “Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.”

And from there, the sky’s the limit. The first feature film from Lego was titled “The Lego Movie” and it was released in 2014. The success of these movies was definitely expected by many because a lot of major Hollywood actors took voice roles in these movies. Actors such as Morgan Freeman and Chris Pratt have leant their talents to the Lego franchise. Since then, numerous other movies have been released and are scheduled to be released in the future.

Their brand doesn’t end there.

Lego Theme Parks

Legos took a big step in their brand by creating a theme park that reflect the brand in its’ entirety. They struck gold when they opened their theme parks. Not only were kids going to enjoy them, but these parks now served as ways for quality family time. When you can include parents in on the fun-having, the longer families will stay to enjoy the parks

The first Legoland was opened in Denmark, the home of Legos, in 1968. Now there are parks in California, Germany, Dubai, Florida, Japan, Malaysia, England, and New York (coming in 2019). Within the park, patrons can enjoy interactive rides for the entire family, live shows, and even Lego building workshops for all ages.  There are, also, grand, enormous Lego creations in the parks that reflect well-known local buildings and landmarks. These parks are also accompanied by Lego themed hotels in order to create an entire Lego experience. This resort feel encapsulates the fun of Legos into a real place with Legos everywhere.

Lego Stores

Lastly, Lego created a retail space that only sells Legos and all the great accessories and minifigures that go along with them. Lego went global with their stores throughout the world. There are, now, hundreds of Lego stores spread across Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, China, France, Germany, Sweden, England, and the United States. At the store patrons can get anything they need to accomplish their next Lego adventure. You can get the latest sets, replacement pieces for the ones you lost, and custom create minifigures unique to you. You can also get a 3D preview of any of the Lego sets before you buy it.

One of the newest sets available are the Lego Mindstorm sets. These sets are where Legos meet technology. These sets include everything needed, including hardware and software, to build fully functioning robots. This website, , gives some great background on these awesome Legos.


Lego has made sure to nail down their corner of the market. Their success has also led to “knock-off” Legos that just aren’t as good as the original. Legos are, now, used as an educational tool in various elementary school classrooms. Legos have evolved their image and the products they offer to maintain relevance in an ever-changing toy market. Part of their success is the growth in their consumer demographics. Now instead of being just something enjoyed by children and building block fans, now movie lovers, gamers, and theme park enthusiast have a reason to enjoy the Lego brand.

This has cemented Legos as one of the greatest toy franchises of all time, but also one of the greatest brands of all time.