How to Use a Bidet or Washlet, including Safe cleaning Tips

Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about going to the loo, related hygiene methods, along comes the etiquette for the bidet.

Have you been suffering from sore bum syndrome and using wet wipes instead of dry paper?  You may not be alone.  Then you begin to feel guilty about the environment and more than a little sorry for yourself. I hope you are not clogging everything up with wet wipes, they do not flush well.  When it comes to getting rid of the evidence you need a discreet bag, nappy sacks are good!  But this is not the solution at all.

You need to get over it, the hurdle of how to use the bidet.  Just a little note here on the word bidet, surprise surprise it is some sort of little French pony.  So think of it as taking a little ride on a little pony and it won’t seem so bad.

Here is step one

  • First use the loo, simple as that.
  • But, take your pants off this time.
  • If you can’t help yourself, use some loo roll.

Now for step two, get in position

  • Straddle the bidet, either which way you want
  • Some people prefer to face the controls
  • Now you know why you did not want your pants around your ankles (later you may get used to having your pants around your ankles)
  • For now whilst you are “bidet training” it is better to remove them
  • Perhaps I should have said step one, check out the controls but never mind; you will soon get the hang of it

Now you can use the controls

  • You may find variable flow and variable temperature
  • Get the temperature right with combination of hot and cold
  • Carefully check which way the jets are going to go and check how powerful the flow is
  • If you do get soaked don’t worry, it is only water (you will get the hang of it honestly)

Wash it all

  • Hopefully you will now be in a position to wash it all with or without soap
  • If you’re really lucky you may have a nice built in air-dryer to finish it all off


  • Once again you can go for the toilet roll if there is any, just to pat dry
  • Rinse the bowl much like you would with any basin after use
  • Wash your hands
  • Dry your hands

And by the way

If you are using a washlet or combination bidet/toilet seat you will find it much the same but you may find it a bit difficult to sit back to front!

N.B. you may not want to rinse the bowl either.  Leave the toilet cleaning for later or better still let someone else have the job.


People have been known to use the bidet for bathing the baby and that is fine but then don’t let anyone use it as a bidet, keep it for baby.

Some people seem to think it is fine for washing smalls as well, but hang on a minute, if it’s yours you can do what you like with it.  If it is a shared bidet you may find your smalls dumped elsewhere and you may not be the most popular housemate.



Now you know how to use, now all you need to know is how to clean it

You really want to keep your washlet nice and you do not want to do anything to hurt the warranty so take care and read on;

Washlets are made from hard plastic, often polypropylene and it can look good for a long time if you do not use harsh cleaning products or any abrasion.

  • No bleach which can cause discoloration and cracks
  • First unplug it
  • Vinegar is a good cleaner and has good cleaning and antibacterial properties (look for cleaning vinegar or white vinegar will do)
  • You can also use a mild antibacterial soap solution
  • You can use a soft sponge or cloth
  • You can wear rubber gloves
  • If anything goes wrong, manufacturers can tell if you have scrubbed it too hard, or used any harsh chemicals on it so check your manual for advice on cleaning
  • When you have finished cleaning just wipe it over with a clean towel

I hope you enjoy using your bidet or washlet. You will soon wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner.

If I wetted your appetite then take a look at Sanitation Ventures for more ideas.