How to solve your hair straightening problems simply and easily

My hair is extremely curly and I have been looking everywhere to find out how I can straighten my curly hair. I asked my friend, who by the way has super straight hair, whether she had some solutions that would help me get my curly hair straightened out. I told her that I did not think there was a way to straighten my very curly hair but she told me not to worry because a good hair straightener could help me straighten out my curls.


I tried to use a straightener and much to my relief it worked although I did have to overcome a few difficulties. The thing that gladdened my heart was that after running the straightener through my mop of curly hair I discovered to my delight that straightening my hair though difficult was not impossible. My friend encouraged me and told me to find the right product and the best iron and the rest would be quite easy for me.

She told me that the right product and the right iron could straighten my curly hair. Of course, my hair would start curling up again after two days but for those two days I could enjoy the luxury of having straight hair. The good news is that it only takes the right iron to get desired results.


The first thing that you have to do is find out what kind of hair you have. Your hair could be curly (like mine) or they could already be straight (like my friend’s) or they could be coarse or even frizzy and even wavy. Even if your hair is partly curly and partly coarse or some other mixture, the good news is that you can still straighten your hair.

Here is how you can straighten your hair. For short hair, you will need a small sized iron. Try and use one that allows you to get very close to your scalp as then you can control your hairstyle and you can also do other things with your hair. Next, think about what kind of hair you have. If your hair is such that when you heat it, it tends to shrivel up and die then be sure to set the temperature of your hair straightener to a lower temperature. In addition, for this kind of hair you will also need a flexible iron that can be heated up to not more than 350 degrees.

If you make the iron too hot then your hair ends will look burnt. Not only will that spoil your looks but your hair will also give off a burning smell. The best option for you is to go with an iron with digital readouts. This will let you set the temperature to an exact level.


Of course there is more to styling your hair than straightening it. All that you need to get the right look is use the right kind of iron. Using a straightener also helps because it is very versatile and allows you to skip using tools and in this way you not only get desirable results but you also save money.

Here is what you need to know about styling your hair. Depending on your hair type, you will need different kinds of irons. Here is a short list of the best irons for your hair type:

  • BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium is considered the best iron as it is technologically advanced and few quirks
  • For natural Afro-American hair, try to go with the Rusk RSK732 Titanium as it is capable of straightening out even the most difficult types of hair and it will keep your hair straight for a long time
  • To curl your hair, I recommend using BaByliss Pro.
  • For a budget-friendly hair straightener, I recommend that you go with HIS Professional Tourmaline. It costs less than 50 dollars and does a very good job of straightening your hair

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