The Factors To Consider When Buying A Rice Cooker

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altThe traditional cooking of rice over a fire does not require over-the-top skills and, in fact, it is easy to do. However, traditional rice cooking needs constant monitoring and can be lengthy. This means that your time to attend to other chores will be affected. Good thing there are rice cookers these days. This appliance cuts the cooking time, and it does not need constant monitoring when cooking rice. If you feel that you need a rice cooker to make your life easy, take into consideration certain factors before you purchase one.

What to look for when buying a rice cooker

Capacity: This is the very first you have to consider when buying a rice cooker. The size of the family will determine the size of the rice cooker that you are buying. Rice cookers are sold in different sizes to serve varying capacity. For household use, rice cookers’ size starts at a 3-cup capacity up to 10-cups capacity.
Use: Gone are the days where rice cookers are only used to cook rice. Now, rice cookers have become innovative and integrated other features which make use of the rice cooker’s maximum capacity. For instance, there are rice cookers that have steaming feature, while there are some that can be used in sautéing. Traditional rice cookers are still sold in the market. When buying a rice cooker, decide first if you need one that has multi-function, or one that is only used for cooking rice.
Material: There are different materials used in rice cookers. There are rice cookers that are made of stainless steel, while there are some that are made of non-stick material. The non-stick one is easier to clean but requires care in handling.
Features: Rice cookers differ in their features and make sure you know the ones that will make cooking rice easy and hassle-fee on your part. Auto-warming that makes the rice warm for a long period of time is an interesting feature, as well as features that allow you to program cooking settings.
Limitations: Watch out for rice cooker limitations. For instance, most of the rice cookers in the market can only cook white rice. If you are a brown rice eater, a rice cooker that is used for white rice only is certainly not the one for you.
Price tag: Rice cookers differ not only in features but also in price. The basic, simple ones are the ones in the entry level with a price that starts at around $35. As the size of the rice cooker gets bigger, and as the functions and uses levels up, the price becomes more expensive as well.
Rice cooker review: It also pays to know the rice cooker reviews of actual users of rice cookers so you can take note of what to avoid, as well as what to look for when buying a rice cooker.

By considering the above-mentioned factors when purchasing a rice cooker, it will be easy for you to determine which of the many rice cookers out in the market is the best for your household.



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