LIPOZENE REVIEW - Is Lipozene An Effective Weight Loss Pill?

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A production of Obesity Research Institute, Lipozene pills is another product in the ever increasing list of weight loss pills.

After analyzing all the diverse lipozene reviews from several customers I have found that Lipozene has captivated several and given satisfactory results to many but disappointed a few.

The key ingredient-
When you research the product you will find that this pill contains just one active ingredient, Glucomannan. The glucomannan is purely a fiber that is obtained from the roots of the Konjac plant grown in Japan.

This is a soluble fiber and as the capacity to soak a good amount of water and help easy bowel movements when consumed.

It has been proven for years that Glucomannan helps to lose weight.

Action of the Lipozene pill on your body:
The Lipozene comes in the form of pill that you are expected to take along with 6-8 oz of water before your meals. The glucomannan contained in the pill soaks the consumed water and swells up in volume making your stomach expand.

This gives you a feeling of fullness and stops you from over eating. It also prevents fat absorption from the intestines and causes easy bowel movements. In these simple steps it brings your weight down.

Duration of action- The pill may take a minimum of 5 to7 days to start showing the difference. You cannot expect miracles like to see difference of 10 lbs in your weight in a day. You have to wait.

Why people are unhappy with it? Some people are unsatisfied with this product because of its side effects. It has common side effects like- NAUSEA, BLOATING, DIARRHOEA. These are bound to happen whenever you take any fiber in large amount. The side effects also subside in few days. But in too over sensitive cases this might be quite a huge concern. A few find that it takes too long to change the readings on their weighing scale.

What are the satisfied ones saying?
The satisfied customers do not deny experiencing the side effects but they have found the effect on their weight reduction more prominent than the lesser important side effects.

You have to religiously take these pills regularly and wait, the result will take time but it will come and not even too long, just a week and you will have started shedding a few pounds already.

However those who are diabetics and are taking insulin have to be a little more careful with this product as Glucomanan also reduces the blood sugar level. The action of insulin and added glucomannan may cause to land them in hypoglycemia, so it’s advisable that you consult your diabetologist prior taking these pills.

Summary – Lipozene does work, but with few side effects and a waiting time of at least a week before you can see any change in your weight. So if you are very determined to lose your weight and not much affected by the allied short comings then Lipozene is what you must go for!



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