Painless Removal of Warts, Moles and Skin Tags

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Dermatend is an herbal blend that safely removes skin tags and warts without any pain or sensitivity to the area of the mole or skin tag. Skin tags and moles can often times be harmless but can be a hassle and may look unsightly depending on the area or location. While some may be reason for concern, a visit to the doctor can determine the type and necessity of removal for a skin tag or mole if harmless. The doctors will often use methods such as freezing or cutting off the mole, wart or skin tag which is effective immediately but can be very painful and leave a scar or sensitive area that will need care.

Having a skin lesion removed by a doctor may seem like the best alternative for getting rid of a skin tag, mole or wart and the safest but that is not true. Dermatend from is the safest path for removing a wart, skin tag or mole and can be a very cost effective and pain free way to get the skin you want. A skin tag, mole or wart that is removed by a doctor is immediate but the open area or sore needs to care for and can become infected. Many who do use a doctor to remove a wart, skin tag or mole also have complaints of the item returning later again.

Dermatend Removes Warts, Skin Tags and Moles Permanently

The one time use of Dermatend on any types of skin lesion removes the lesion and it will not return in that same area. While moles and skin tags often do not return to a spot once they are removed, moles are reported to do so occasionally, but warts often do return to the same spot and are very hard to remove completely. A doctor can freeze and even cut out a wart removing the stem and all its parts and somehow, a few months later, the wart will return. This is a constant battle in many of those who suffer from warts and even if they have only one wart, it can be a very bothersome ordeal and cause pain and suffering. Some warts itch and can become very irritated if it comes in contact with a lot of friction.

Warts when subjected to the Dermatend treatment have been reported to completely disappear and never return to that local area that was treated. That is key in removing warts as many times the root is not completely removed or killed but the special herbal blends will soak into the wart and to the very tip of the root and naturally kill that root and all parts of the wart. The wart then dies and will simply fall off naturally in a couple of days. A scab may form over the wart while it dies and can be hard or scratchy but should be left to fall off without any assistance.

Once the root of a wart dies and falls off, a small hole may be visible but is healing quickly. A skin tag and mole will also scab over and fall off, leaving a fresh spot of skin and not an open sore or irritated patch of skin. It will not scar and may only be pink for a few days. A hole left by the root of a wart may take a little longer to close completely than a spot left by a mole or skin tag as they sit more on the surface and do not penetrate deep into the skin like a wart. Dermatend works great on all three types of skin lesions and will produce satisfactory results every time or it will be refunded for a full return.



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