Psychic Abilities to Know and Look for While Looking for a Psychic Reader

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Each human has at least one ability of psychic acuity that is more attuned than in others. Such ability is classified depending upon the five senses of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching/sensing. A few individuals might feel sharp psychic perception in two or more sensory areas. Let us check out these classifications so that you can check the area to which your psychic reader is most attuned.


This sensory ability is associated with the skill of clairaudience, a French term standing for clear hearing. In case this ability is natural, the reader is more likely to hear voices or sounds on a psychic level. For instance, she or he might heed some melody in a room where no music is being played. A more skilled ability might also make her or him eligible to heed an ‘inner voice’ that differs from inner critic or conscience. This voice is a special gift given to Mediums who can hear even what souls say.


This ability is linked to Clairvoyance that means clear observance, in French. Psychic readers having heightened clairvoyance are capable of observing even the invisible, a non-physical phenomenon that can be a spirit, aura, or an actual scene in future or past apart from the present. This is considered similar to a video seen via the third eye of the spirit or mind.

Such ability is common to be found in genuine psychics, which is revealed by reviews such as California Psychics review and Oranum reviews. As a result, seeing on a psychic level is among the most common forms of mystic perception.


This one is perhaps a rare part of psychic insight although it can be an extremely potent way of deciphering non-physical details. For instance, while reading, the psychic reader might sense a metallic but cold taste of copper and silver that might get confirmed by you as a taste coming from the ornaments of your beloved one. A bit more information on this, when given to the reader, helps significantly in establishing a stunning connection.


This is also rare as tasting in the world of psychic insights but yet vital as tasting. For example, a psychic healer might tend to smell fresh chili powder whenever you greet him or her for a massage session. Upon asking, you might reveal about your allergy with chili powder, which simply help the healer in planning for a holistic treatment to reduce the allergy. While this sounds bizarre, it is actually the subtle power of psychic perception works.


This psychic ability is linked to clairsentience that relates to instinctive knowing instead of only physical touching. The French term evidently means clear thinking or knowing that can be in several forms; at times, with the help of all senses at once. However, the most common form is to feel the emotions around you. For example, stepping into a room can make you feel tensed or relaxed, which is the result of clairsentience. Even if you have psychically sensed some details without rational evidence, it is because of clairsentience.



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