Things to Keep in Mind while on a Wine Tour

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Are you planning to be a part of Chile wine tours @ winetoursvalparaiso ? Is it so that you have already booked your French expedition with a tour company? Do you love to plan the wine tours in Italy by planning them on your own? Regardless of which of these ways or destinations you choose, a wine tasting expedition is a learning experience that involves discovering new wines as well as your favorite taste.

For wine buffs, such tours are an ideal way to explore provincial variations as well as different tastes as per that region. However, there are a few things to adhere while visiting the wineries irrespective of the first or twentieth time. Let us check them out!

Choose an interesting region as well as season

Wine buffs have different choices; while some like South America, others love France and Italy. Wine regions differ in terms of tastes as well as scenery on offer and that most of them are nearby. Therefore, you can even plan to visit more than one winery in a day. Similarly, you also need to know whether the interesting wineries are open on public holidays and that whether they accept reservations. Usually, reservations are required on weekends.

Avoid being drunk

The state and national laws are very strict if you drive while been drunk. Moreover, the goal of such a tour is certainly not to get drunk but to enjoy the diverse tastes. In case of doubt, it makes sense to hire a good driver otherwise the regional laws will not spare you.

Be layered

This means to wear an outfit containing of multiple layers even if it is hot outside. This is because the winery maintains a cool temperature to avoid wine from getting spoiled. While the temperature is good for wine, it might be that favorable for you, as it can make you feel chilled. This is the reason why you need to dress in layers.

As a tip, wear the outfit that is in a dark color so that wine stains can be made unseen in case a little bit gets spilled, especially red wine. Moreover, wear comfortable shoes because you will be standing for a long in the winery.

Keep minimum fragrance

It is advisable to be light in case of body smell when on a wine tasting tour. This means it is better to avoid using any kind of fragrant healthcare products such as colognes, cosmetics, and perfumes. The reason is that smell is one of the contributors to how you recognize a wine, which your nose should concentrate only on wine’s smell.

Do Spit
Spitting wine in its dedicated basket in case you do not like it! This is not a bad thing to do but is an etiquette followed at different wine tasting rooms across the globe. Nobody on the site will condemn you if you spit in the dedicated bucket.

Avoid tasting while traveling

You are not permitted to drink wine anywhere outside the winery. As per the laws, doing so can make you end up behind the bars. Further, no restaurant will serve you meals in case you get intoxicated.



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