Top 4 Organic Makeup Products to Keep in Your Skincare Kit

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It is not surprising to shift from standard to organic cosmetics because of the increasing awareness that the latter one is better than the former. Natural makeup usually allows more breathing space for your skin, facilitates hydration, protects it from UV rays, and is friendlier to the sensitive skin than the standard one. It is also free of carcinogens and other harmful chemicals polluting not only water but also soil and air.

All these beneficial facts make their demand more than the traditional cosmetics, as they truly pass on the scale of safety and efficacy factors. So, have you decided to buy some organic products for your beloved skin? Well, making your task easy, here are some essential products to consider as a beginner!

Mineral Powders

These products are made to absorb moisture without bothering your pores with excessive chemicals as well as to even the tone. Due to inclusion of skin-friendly minerals, they are completely natural, due to which the risk of allergic reactions is also reduced.

In addition, these powders have some incredible healing powers as well. For example, most of them come with zinc oxide that combats effectively with inflammation to fade away the red look or visible acne symptoms. Further, mica is also present for reflecting light so that your skin can possess a natural glow.

Well, that is not all! Even more appreciable is that the minerals in the powders’ base help defend against the sun’s UV rays. Moreover, a few powders can be colored with the help of natural dyes and flower/fruit extracts to form effective blush and eye shadows.


This is one of the most essential cosmetic items, as it is an ideal makeup product for sensitive eyes. It is notable that many women are becoming allergic to mascara, perhaps because of chemicals present in commercial options.

However, organic alternatives such as Lavera mascara can be the solution for those who are allergic. Such organic items utilize hydrating oils such as that of rose or jojoba, or even shea butter to deliver a peel-free edge for the eyes, fortify eyelashes, and create color and intensity with the help of mineral tints.

Lip Balm

Unlike a regular lip balm, an organic alternative does not contain chemicals or other additives. Therefore, the benefits of applying such a lip care product are plentiful, keeping in mind the fact that such items only have skin- as well as environment-friendly ingredients and are free of hidden costs.

If you do not choose to make at home, the market is filled with several organic lip balms. A majority of them come with a base of plant oil such as from the sunflower and that beeswax is usually added for moisturizing purpose so that your lips stay hydrated as well as in a perfect condition. Further, beeswax is an antibacterial as well as hardening ingredient. In some balms, coconut oil might be present to make application quite smooth. Nowadays, you also get balms tinted with natural dyes or berries.



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